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24 July 2004

The 9/11 Commission report

…is actually fascinating reading, in its own way.

Mark Shields, a syndicated columnist who often appears on PBS, had this
to say yesterday, when it appeared the Congress might not take up the
reports recommendations, had this to say: “Maybe if we find two Hamas
terrorists trying to get a marriage license in Provincetown after
burning a flag, then the Congress might pay attention.”

It appears that Congress has decided that it might be politically
to consider and debate what the commission has to say. 
Joe Lieberman: “You know, when members of both houses go home for this
recess, the folks back home are going to say: ‘Why are you home?
Why aren’t you in Washington dealing with the recommendations of the
Sept. 11 commission?’ I’ve already heard this in a few conversations
with people back in Connecticut, who said: ‘Get this done quickly. It’s
our safety and well-being at stake.'”

Posted in Politicks on 24 July 2004 at 12:44 pm by Nate