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18 July 2004

Quick updates

Sorry to not have been more up-to-date.  I’ve been away in the
wilds of California for the last few days, and I finally have access to
a computer once again.

News: I will be a credentialled blogger at the Democratic National
Convention in a week.  What that means is that I’ll be allowed
access to the convention hall, just like any member of the press, and I
will blog about all things political that occur to me over that time.

A couple of promises.  First, I’m not going to be a source for
up-to-date news.  I’m not a pol, I’m a political scientist, and as
such, I think my job is to provide informed information on why the
process works as it does.  The joke we political scientists often
tell about ourselves is that we can’t tell you what to do in terms of
politics and policy, but we can sure explain to you how you got where
you are.  Second, I have a low bullshit tolerance.  BF and
friends can tell you that.  So I will try to call stupidity and
disingenuousness when I see it.  If that means harping on John
Kerry as he makes his speech, fine.  I’ve got no reason not to.

Finally (for right now), here’s a list of all credentialled convention
.  An interesting group, and  I’ll be reading all of
them pretty regularly.

And now, I need to get off to church.  Speaking of church, might I
mention that boyfriend and the “presumed” nominee go to the same
church?  And that I’m seen Teresa a few times, but didn’t realize
who she was until BF pointed it out?  My claim to fame for the
time being….

Posted in Politicks on 18 July 2004 at 3:21 pm by Nate