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25 July 2004

Editing the bloggers

Reinvent has a story on how he was edited in the Newsday piece that came out about blogging
I was also interviewed for the piece, as you can see if you scroll down
a bit.  His gripe — a legitimate one, I think — was about the
way they edited him.  They cut and paste bits of his responses to
some questions in other questions.

When I do my own writing, it’s like writing a paper or an
article.  I write so that the piece fits together in some
rational, and hopefully organic, fashion.  Sure, you can cut and
paste, but it often changes the meaning of what I’m trying to get

The media seem obsessed (on a very small scale) on how bloggers are
going to be different than the traditional media at this
convention.  And there’s some idea that without constraints, we’ll
perform worse than the traditional media.  But perhaps we’ll do a
better job.  Instead of shaping a set of ideas to fit our concept
about “how the story should look,” we’ll report on what we saw and
heard and then go on to say what we thought about it.  Our ideas
are central to our discussion of what’s happening, but perhaps we can
do a better job of telling people what’s happening, without
predetermined scripts about what telling about what’s happening is
supposed to look like.

Posted in DeeEnCee on 25 July 2004 at 12:46 pm by Nate

APSA and blogging

Damnit, I knew I should have gone to APSA (American Political Science Association) this year.  There’s a whole panel on political blogging.

Thanks to Crooked Timber for pointing it out.

Posted in IvoryTower on 25 July 2004 at 12:22 pm by Nate