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Short notes from the intersection of business and psychology

The Leader’s Mind – Blog by Jana Valkovicova

People’s minds and behaviors. Whether we consider them beautiful, good, bad, or ugly, the way we see others unveils a lot about ourselves. While knowing thyself is not an easy task, every step towards it counts. Learning is indeed a journey. My endeavors of being a psychology researcher, business executive, mentor, and entrepreneur keep challenging me and ‘aha’ and ‘wow’ moments do not come short or painlessly. I often inspire my business mind through research and philosophy. Herewith I would like to share my findings along the way.

My name is Jana Valkovicova, and this blog is a collection of short notes from the intersection of business and psychology, reminding us to think higher and broader in business and life.

I hope you enjoy it.



  1. Manoj Singh

    The world needs different kinds of minds to work together

  2. آموزش تعمیرات ظرفشویی

    tnx. this content so usefull for me

  3. Scrum Master

    “Leaders don’t look for recognition from others, leaders look for others to recognize.” Simon Sinek 🙂

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