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When Does Best Idea Comes


Some of my friend telling me to have fun. They say–best idea and thinking come when you have fun and relax. I am thinking about this idea. I now taking few class–when I read books and do my homeworks I don’t understanding what I am doing. Now I start taking ten minutes break every hours. In this break I some time just take a walk other time play pool. It is so amazing I am now remembering more ideas and coming up with abstract idea to write essay than before. Any way, I am not sure how long I will keep this habit.

This idea make me to remember Isaac Newton—He come up with gravity formula and thinking when he was having fun under apple tree.

City and cyberspace thinking


I am taking this class called City and Cyberspace. I am trying to understand what is the similarity between city and cyberspace. Truly they might be some similarity but I don’t think they are the some structure or idea. Human lives in the city, but on the cyberspace information flows. I have few friends in the city but I have hundreds of friends on cyberspace. Interesting class I don’t know where it will take me.

How Successful Leaders Think


For quite some times, I was asking my writing tutor how successful people think. My tutor told me  “successful people holds two or three different idea in their mind” and give me this great article form Harvard Business Review: How Successful People Think. I lean a lot out of it.

After I read the article I was think about it and the some time I was looking real world example. That I can see, touch and hear. That is when I fond my self-reading Lawrence Lessig blog.

Lawrence is a writer, lawyer and debater even more than that some people think his is one of the fonder of Creative Commons.

But now, he is announcing that he will not longer work in this field any more. He is changing his profession to some thing completely new. I was so astonished to learn how successful people think.   I see him a successful person–even though I did not got a chance to meet him in person, I got a chance to write email back and forward and got some advice. I also read this book and watched his debates on video.

Finally, what I am saying is successful people did not afraid and worry about any thing. They are always read and prepare to answer challenge themselves and learn.

What is that mean having Oil?


I asked my friend Ethan Zuckerman to explain for me about a founding of new oil field in Ghana weather if it is good or bad. Although he was happy to explain the questions, he was also encouraged me to write my thinking in my blog. I am so glad to answer this question by using my common sense and judgmental mind.

I think having oil filed in the country like Ghana is great. As the Ghana president put it “”Oil is money, and we need money to do the schools, the roads, the hospitals.” I naturally see things in to two part’s good and bad. So I will go head and talked about these two benefits.

Why I think is bad Gahanna might start to think they only way to make money is by selling oil. They also might think they will become reach in few years. If they did not see that changes- they might start to rabble against the government. That is my worry.

Second, I also think if the government did not handle the money probably it might be some conflict between the state/village and town. How will get the fist construction: the roads, the hospitals etc. I think this kind of problems is happing in Nigeria and Sudan.

Third, which out said country will benefit from this oil: United State, United Kingdom or China. So figuring out this and that and make the right discussion might be hard. God help them.

Fourth, what about if people start to think they are reach and did not want to work. Not only that but they need a support from the government.

Fifth, what about if the Ghana government focuses in military constriction instead of economy.

Finally my wish and hope, Ghanaian will use their founding wisely and advantageously to help the children to become educated and independent. I see the bad and good. I hope the good will win. Thank you very much Ethan for your question so that I can take out what is in my mind to the world.

Time management Hassle


Time management. What is time management? Why do I want to manage my time? For the past months or so I was talking about time management with my friends here is what I understand about time managements. If some body read this blog. I will love to hear form you how you manage your time and why time management is important.

Before I go head and talk about time management I would like to talk about some history. I understand things in history than rule or law. Ok what is time management and where do I see people talking about time management? I see people celebrate time all the time. The good example is birthday. I hear people saying I am 18 years old an adult, I am 21 year old I can drink a cola in the bar, I am 45 I will not have a baby, I am 65 I can retired. I hear about all this almost every day at work or on the news.

My question is two people born the some day. One sleep 8 hours other sleep 4 hours how is older? Is the person sleep 8 hours or 4 hours? I think the person sleep 4 hour is older. Since he interact more in the world. Any way why do I want to manage my time? This is the first question I asked myself? Then I write down the note bellow.

Read more book
Write more
Travel more
Talk a walk more
Meet people more

I have write more lists in my notebook but for now late me talk one this.

Here are two kinds of book audio and paper. That mean I can read book when I take a walk or travel with my Ipod.

Some tip about book.
You can find new paper book or audio book on library for free. If you have a problem how to choosing a good book the librarian can help you. Also you can go to then see the most popular and sold book then borrow that book for library. (I am sour the most sold book for Amazon is good since people will not buy bad book.) After all why you care the book you borrow for library is free. The good news about library now days, you can use internet ask the library to hold a book for you. the library will email you to tale you that the book is on hold. Not only that the library database will show you how many book on the library including the shelf number where the book located. Most audio books are free for download online. Talking about time management you save more time and money by using library. Book writer do not hate me because I am cutting your business.

What is writing? Writing can be writing shopping list, writing to my governor, writing to my friends Email, writing to schoolwork, writing blog and etc.

I head they are a lot of way to improve writing by joining writing club on line and writing blog all the time. I will love to hear from my reader how to improve writing.

Travel, can be by foot, bus , train, and airplane.
Take a walk. Can be to go to work, even if my work place is very fare I can take a bus and get off few minute before my work place and take a walk.

Meet people. There are a lot of place to meet people. Coffee shops, churches, libraries, bars, and online are the good place to meet people I know for now.

Finally, cone you divide every thing you want in to small part and detail. Every morning for 5 minute vote what you want to do for hart. Thank work all day to accomplish that goal. Night before sleep see what you accomplish or not accomplish and be happy.

Note: There is a lot of ways to speed. For example there are a system how to read book faster “800 pages book only in 2 hours. “

Listen to audio book on the train, or bus.

Do glossary one your way form work.

There are a lot of way to manage time. The one thing you have to ask yourself is why do I want to mange my time. Once you understand what you want to do accomplishing is easy.

Let me know what you think about this? Give me some advice.

Great Job Internet!!!


Internet makes my day. My friend is going to Kenya for work and I wanted him to buy me a sport shoe that I like. I went online and find the shop address and telephone. Not only that but also, I fond the shoe picture and color that I wanted. I attached all this to my friend: the address and, shoe picture. Now my friend can easy go and pick the shoe. Crazy. Note: I can also buy it online though I decided not to do to save the shipping. Internet changing how people communicate and think not only in west but also in African.

Here are the links.

The shoe I am trying to buy is 839-6020. Second line from the top.

Bata shoe address

E-books for future


I love free things. Even when I eat free food at work it test good. I like Internet because it gives me many free things. According to my favorite website Friedbeef’s Tech her are some the top e-book on the web More than 30 sites.

E-book is great and important because it is real knowledge. As we all know to solve the problem we have in the world we need to educate our “children” the “coming generation”. But getting access to good education it cost a lot of money. But here we are the honest Internet making this dream easy.

We can use this e-book to educate people how do not have any access to library. For example, African country did not have good library. So we can use this to educate the people and children. If we want to solve most to the war and hanger going on in the world we need to educate people -how to solve the problems. Books will do this!!! Farmer can read about farming, writer can read about writer, and politician can read about politic -etc.

I also think e-book will reduce the poor countries and parents cost. Once you scan a book and put them on the web any one can download. That mean the poor country did not have to print books over and over instead they need to scan one book to the whole class and buy a computer to students that students can download the book and learn. As I understand there are cheep computer that only cost 100 dollar Instead of buying panicle, pane, books for yeas buying cheep computer will reduce cost in long term.

The honest Internet that did not know—good, bad, culture, society and religion is going on. crazy

Ways to Connect to the Internet


I am interested learning about Internet connection. So I was doing some reach about ways of connecting to Internet. As I get time, I will span the information for know let me share with you what I write down.

Here are the chose for connecting to Internet.

Wired Broadband
Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL)
Lased Lines(T1)
Broadband over Powerline (BPL)
Fiber optic cable

Wireless Broadband
Fixed wireless

Wired broadband connection. What kind of wire did they use to connect as by the wire?

1. Telephone line
2. Cable line (television cable line)
3. Electricity line

A. The advantage and Disadvantages connecting by TELEPHONE LINE

Telephone lines are the oldest communications infrastructures. This telephone line can connect people to Internet indifferent service-Dial-Up, DSL.
The different between Dial-Up and DSL: Speed: Dial-up downstream 56 kilobytes per second while DSL downstream 768 kilobytes to 1500 kilobytes pre second. Which mean DSL is 20 or more time faster than Dial-Up.

Advantages connecting trough Telephone Line: work with existing wiring. That mean you do not have to buy more wire. But don’t put me wrong, you have to buy modem that you going to plugged into existing phone jack.

Disadvantages connecting trough Telephone Line: If the center of DSL service provider is further than 18,000 the connection is not going to work.

B. Cable line (television cable line) This line traditionally bring as television program. According to National Cable and Telecommunications Association. 99% of United Stets house have cable line.

Advantages: The only people how are going to connect to this cable are the customer how already have television cable.
Disadvantages: Most rural communities did not have cable connection, the speed to the connection might change depend in the time of the day. For example in the morning and after work hour the download speed might be slow.

Fiber cable. Coming soon——–

Why we judge?


Well and well what is writing and juding . Why when I write essay and give to much teach she give me back with a lot of red pin marks my papers. Why people judge one because of his/her writing and speaking ability. I think this is not really good. Not “cool”

We should try to inspect people mind and thinking instead of applying few rule and star saying this is “good” this is “bad” and this is “nice”. By the way I heard, in really 19th century the meaning of “nice” was very bad and stupid.

Speaking grammar and rule. What is grammar? Why is important? If it change time to time and have lots of consumption why we need it. For example, I did not study grammar that much in school but I stile communicating my message. What I mean yesterday I email boston at 6:00pm. My friend came on time. Even though I was not using any grammar “proper noun”

Over all what I am trying to say is lets stop judging one other because we are not doing this and that or because he is not educated. Actually I think every one have a gift and quality where no one of as have so we should respect each other and live in peace in this world instead of judge and blaming each other. Crazy

The speech that makes sense


I love listing to speech that people give. Here is the speech that I was listing form video cassettes I was digitizing. As the speaker speak I try to write down every thing I can. It might have some spelling mistakes but stile make sense. As every one Know-grammar and other forms of language is not important since they do not express reality. Thus, here are the speech I write as the speaker speaks on the video.

Paradoxes times of our history, we have taller building, but shortest temple. Wider free ways, but narrows view points. We spend more but have less. We buy more but enjoy less. We have bigger houses smaller families. More conveniences, less times. More degrees less senses. More knowledge, but less judgment. More experts more problems, more medicine less wellness. We drink to much, smock too much, Spine too recklessly laugh too little, drive too fast, get angry too quickly, stay up too late, get up too tired, read to seldom, watch TV too much and pray to seldom.

We have multiply our positions but reduce our volumes. We talk too much but love to seldom, hate to often. We learn how to make a living but not a life. We added years to life but not life to years. We been all over to moon and back. But we have trouble crossing the street to meet new neighbor. We concord outer space but not inner space. We done large things but not better things. We clean about the air but pollution stile their. We split the atom but not our predaceous. We write more but learn less. Plane more but accomplish less. Learn to rash not to wait. We have higher income but lower morale. We have more food but less appeasement. We build more computers to hold more information’s to produce more copy ever but have less communication. We have coming long on quantity but short in quality. This is the day two income but more divorces. Fanciest home but broken houses. There are a days of quick trip disputative disperse trough away morality one night stance overnight body implies to every things to chills to quite to kill. It is the time when there is much in the show window nothing in the stock room. The time when technology brought this letter to you the time you can choose either to make a different or just hit delete.

What do you think?

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