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The speech that makes sense

I love listing to speech that people give. Here is the speech that I was listing form video cassettes I was digitizing. As the speaker speak I try to write down every thing I can. It might have some spelling mistakes but stile make sense. As every one Know-grammar and other forms of language is not important since they do not express reality. Thus, here are the speech I write as the speaker speaks on the video.

Paradoxes times of our history, we have taller building, but shortest temple. Wider free ways, but narrows view points. We spend more but have less. We buy more but enjoy less. We have bigger houses smaller families. More conveniences, less times. More degrees less senses. More knowledge, but less judgment. More experts more problems, more medicine less wellness. We drink to much, smock too much, Spine too recklessly laugh too little, drive too fast, get angry too quickly, stay up too late, get up too tired, read to seldom, watch TV too much and pray to seldom.

We have multiply our positions but reduce our volumes. We talk too much but love to seldom, hate to often. We learn how to make a living but not a life. We added years to life but not life to years. We been all over to moon and back. But we have trouble crossing the street to meet new neighbor. We concord outer space but not inner space. We done large things but not better things. We clean about the air but pollution stile their. We split the atom but not our predaceous. We write more but learn less. Plane more but accomplish less. Learn to rash not to wait. We have higher income but lower morale. We have more food but less appeasement. We build more computers to hold more information’s to produce more copy ever but have less communication. We have coming long on quantity but short in quality. This is the day two income but more divorces. Fanciest home but broken houses. There are a days of quick trip disputative disperse trough away morality one night stance overnight body implies to every things to chills to quite to kill. It is the time when there is much in the show window nothing in the stock room. The time when technology brought this letter to you the time you can choose either to make a different or just hit delete.

What do you think?

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