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E-books for future

I love free things. Even when I eat free food at work it test good. I like Internet because it gives me many free things. According to my favorite website Friedbeef’s Tech her are some the top e-book on the web More than 30 sites.

E-book is great and important because it is real knowledge. As we all know to solve the problem we have in the world we need to educate our “children” the “coming generation”. But getting access to good education it cost a lot of money. But here we are the honest Internet making this dream easy.

We can use this e-book to educate people how do not have any access to library. For example, African country did not have good library. So we can use this to educate the people and children. If we want to solve most to the war and hanger going on in the world we need to educate people -how to solve the problems. Books will do this!!! Farmer can read about farming, writer can read about writer, and politician can read about politic -etc.

I also think e-book will reduce the poor countries and parents cost. Once you scan a book and put them on the web any one can download. That mean the poor country did not have to print books over and over instead they need to scan one book to the whole class and buy a computer to students that students can download the book and learn. As I understand there are cheep computer that only cost 100 dollar Instead of buying panicle, pane, books for yeas buying cheep computer will reduce cost in long term.

The honest Internet that did not know—good, bad, culture, society and religion is going on. crazy

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