DPLA Listserv Recap: June 17, 2011

Karen Coyle raised the issue of measurement of library services, urging the DPLA to consider implementing measurement capabilities in the site. Wayne Martin presented an outline for the technical aspects of a “one system” library and discussed new methods of digital copyright. David Rothman suggested that the open approach would limit the scope of content and accessibility. Sandy Thatcher raised the issue of copyright, discussing works that are legally available for sharing and suggesting that the DPLA could aid in their digital preservation of these works. Peter Kaufman suggested that the DPLA would be able to provide digitization resources to institutions that are otherwise unable to join a larger, digital organization. Will Owen mentioned “DigitalNC: North Carolina’s Digital Heritage” in support of these ideas.

Forking Discussion/Collaboration
Jeremy York suggested that the forking debate was predicated on uncertain assumptions such as sources of funding and demographics and the need/benefits of collaboration, generating a list of six fundamental questions for listserv members to answer. He called for an expanded scope of discussion focused not just on the difference between public and academic libraries but on new ideas and possibilities for collaboration among myriad institutions. David Curry addressed the convergence between libraries and other types of archives, pointing to efforts like CALM (Committee on Archives, Libraries and Museums).

What is the value of collaboration? Who benefits most?
David Rothman asserted that there is much value to collaborations between libraries (expanded scope of content and shared technical infrastructure), but that the collaborating parties must remain distinct. Sandy Thatcher advocated for collaboration and an increased openness to new ideas, such as user-generated content. Jeremy York discussed the possibility for a broad collaborative effort to strengthen preservation of works by American citizens, fearing that without a shared infrastructure, many works worthy of preservation would fall through the cracks.

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