Statement of Interest

June 21, 2011: We received over 60 statements of interest before the June 15, 2011 deadline. These are listed on our wiki; we encourage the sprinters to work with one another and with the community as a whole as they develop their betas.

The deadline for Statements of Interest was 11:59pm ET on June 15, 2011. Participants must have submitted a Statement of Interest in order to submit a beta.

The Beta Sprint seeks, ideas, models, prototypes, technical tools, user interfaces, etc.—put forth as a written statement, a visual display, code, or a combination of forms—that demonstrate how the DPLA might index and provide access to a wide range of broadly distributed content. The Beta Sprint also encourages development of submissions that suggest alternative designs or that focus on particular parts of the system, rather than on the DPLA as a whole.

Participants must submit a short (400 words maximum) statement of interest by June 15, 2011. This statement must include the names of the participants, the basic idea behind the beta that is being developed, and any key partners who are assisting with the project. In this statement, the participants must also agree to the intellectual property provisions of the Beta Sprint, which are described here. Participants will not be held to anything that is included in this statement of interest down the line.

More information is available on the Beta Sprint main page.