DPLA in the Media: August 19, 2011

The DPLA Steering Committee announces the Beta Sprint Review Panel.
“The Beta Sprint process is core to the principles of the DPLA,” said John Palfrey, chair of the DPLA Steering Committee. “This library cannot be built without intensive collaboration and broadly open opportunities for public participation. A project of this size needs as many innovative ideas as it does source materials, and I am confident that the Review Panel will guide the initiative to the most exciting of these ideas and to the most promising next steps.”
From “Digital Public Library of America Steering Committee Announces the Beta Sprint Review Panel: Panel to be composed of eight leaders in the digital library effort”, Berkman Center for Internet & Society

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The New York Times launches Longitude, a system that leverages linked open data to help visualize the news.
When you open Longitude you’ll see a number of “Times T” pins plotted out in a Google Map. The locations for these pins were all derived from Geonames. Click on any pin and you’ll be presented with a pop-up balloon containing a list of the ten most recent, relevant Times articles. But wait, there’s more! For some locations such as Missouri, your balloon will have one or two additional tabs: “Natives” and/or “Companies.” Click on one of these tabs and you’ll be presented with list of locally-born people and locally-headquartered organizations. You can even view Times articles for these people and organizations.
From Evan Sandhaus’s blog post, Leveraging Metadata: The Long(itude) and Short of It

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