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assassin’s creed


Assassin's creed

After playing Super Monkey Ball non-stop over the past few days, I felt the need to head back to hardcore gaming. I figured that I wouldn’t have this opportunity by playing my Wii (I have all of the “hardcore” games already), so I obtained a copy of Assassin’s Creed for my dual-OS MacBook Pro and had at it.

The controls were pretty annoying on the PC. I definitely needed a controller, so I paired my Wiimote to my Mac, set movement to the joystick and camera to B+waggle and am now having a really great time.

The game looks great, the plot is amazing, and the graphics are stylised and inspired.

wiimote protection isn’t wii at all


WiiMotion Plus

When Nintendo announced the Wii, we all thought, “pretty system, terrible name.” But due to the idiocy and law-suit loving American public, the Wiimote soon got a nice, gigantic, rubber covering to keep people from continuing to be a danger to themselves.


im addicted to the iPhone Super Monkey Ball


Super Monkey Ball iPhone

I never thought I would purchase an app from iTunes, let alone the AppStore, but alas, I gave in and bought Sega’s 5th-tillioth incarnation of Super Monkey Ball, this time for the iPhone. (I know, I know… a simple SSH hack and I could have had the game for free, but I don’t regret this purchase a bit. And it was only 10 dollars) I am painfully and utterly addicted to Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone.


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