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No, AI is not going to replace developers.

Fashion Award for Metaverse Design: brilliant idea, must broaden scope

The Fashion Awards hosted by the British Fashion Council added a Metaverse Design Award to their events last year. A digital fashion award is a brilliant idea. Fashion has already crossed into the virtual realm with video games with Louis Vuitton designing for League of Legends and Fortnite collaborating Moncler and Balenciaga. The craft of building digital assets is uniquely challenging and artful, it deserves it’s own award category.

While the award itself a great idea, I feel it was severely limited in scope for its first implementation by only considering Roblox assets. The award event was held in Roblox, presented by Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci. I believe the award was given exclusively online. While I didn’t watch The Fashion Awards, I can’t find any mention of the Roblox designers sharing the stage with designers and models. The designs could have been displayed on the giant screens and projections on stage at the in person event.

In the future I hope to see asset designers accepting their awards in person but more importantly, I hope to see the category open to all digital assets with clothing involved. In the video game community, fashion is mostly seen as a subset of character design. Character designers as well as asset creators should be considered from all platforms for this award. The panel should include a combination of fashion and asset directors.

Congratulations to cSapphire on the award, I’m sure it was well deserved. The designer had previously created virtual clothing for the Gucci collaboration with Roblox. Oddly, the British Fashion Council’s article didn’t include a single picture of the designer’s work. Here’s an image from their boutique site:

Epic Games, your installer is garbage

Upon unmounting the drive with the Epic Games Launcher, one is unable to re-install the launcher because the installer automatically looks for the old drive to install it in. No options to change the path, the installer just gives you an invalid drive error.

The official solutions to this problem are change your hard drive letter, which is insane because it will mess up all your other paths or is impossible since the main drive must be C. Or use the Windows automated repair tool which takes forever and I’m not sure if that even works.

Trying to manually clear out your registry with all mention of epic games is also far too time consuming, there are hundreds of entries and no one knows which one is the one the installer uses.

A Quick Review of Keycap Keychains

So I’m into keyboards. Being a programmer and gamer it’s no surprise. I’ve accumulated a few hundred dollars in keyboards / keyboard parts and I hope my obsession doesn’t go much further. As a fun way to tell others about my hobby I’ve put some keycap keychains on my lanyard. Sadly, I had a hard time finding a quality product. Here’s a review of three of them.

Amazon Keycap Keychain: Pretty much came apart in the packaging. Mine had an LED so it may not be the exact one pictured but the light didn’t work well either.

20 Bomb Keycap Switch Keychain: Got this from and it held up for a while on my lanyard. Eventually though after being put into my pocket and dragged around for a few months the switch separated from the backing and I lost the parts that weren’t attached to the housing. I threw this away as I didn’t want to put another switch in there to be lost again.

Razor Chroma Keycap Keychain: So finally I got this one at an eBay auction because you can only get it from a special razor promotion. It’s not built to come apart like the others and the only part that you can swap out is the keycap. The entire keychain is basically a razor green built into the housing. It also has an LED that changes colors as you hold it.

If you’re in the market and find one on sale, buy the razor. All the other keycap keychains come apart and you will have to replace it once you’ve realized your switch and keycap came off somewhere.

[NS-PCY5BMA] Insignia – Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter Drivers

So you needed a quick Bluetooth adapter, went to BestBuy, and picked up an insignia adapter model NS-PCY5BMA? But now it’s not working despite its advertisement as “plug and play”? And the manual is no help at all? Then you went looking for a driver but the Insignia website has nothing? Then you find out that it uses Broadcom hardware and their website says all their drivers are part of windows updates but obviously it isn’t installed by default? Well you’re lucky you’ve found this obscure blog on the internet. Here’s how you download the driver:

  1. Go to the Microsoft update catalog. Or attempt to use this direct download link and skip to step 4. The direct download link likely won’t work on Chrome, it also may just 404 over time.*
  2. Search “Broadcom Corporation driver update for Micro size USB to Bluetooth Dongle”
  3. Click the download button (I just used the top most recent result) and click on the download link from the pop up. If it’s not downloading it’s probably because Chrome recognizes the file as potentially malicious. If that’s the case then repeat these steps in another browser, I used Edge.
  4. Extract the cabinet file you just downloaded. If you don’t see an extract button just enter the cabinet file with windows explorer by double clicking then drag/drop the files out of the window to a new folder.
  5. Open your device manager, right click on “Bcm20702a0” and select update driver. Select “browse my computer for drivers” and select the folder with the extracted cabinet file.
  6. The driver should download and you should see Bluetooth in your device manager.

* If neither of these options work, you can download it from my GitHub mirror here HOWEVER you really shouldn’t trust mirrors for this kind of thing, always download drivers from trusted websites, not mirror downloads put up by some random guy on the internet like me.

Review: Ducky x MK Creator Mecha Mini

I bought the “Ducky x MK Creator Mecha Mini RGB 60% Double Shot Pudding PBT Mechanical Keyboard” because I needed a 60% for FPS gaming and I loved the look of the pudding keycaps. As it says in the name, it’s a collab with and was available for a limited time. For the premium you get the aforementioned pudding keycaps, a custom purple base, and a custom creator spacebar. It also comes with the standard keycap puller and cable.

There should be more available soon; “late March 2021” they advertise. But it’s March 21st right now and it’s still not available. I didn’t find this product during the retail window so I had to get mine off ebay. After a bit of negotiating the seller and I settled for $200 with shipping, about $80 over the retail price.

This is going to be an FPS only keyboard so I went with black switches. The size is perfect, giving me the most room possible so that I don’t run into my keyboard on long flicks. I don’t like linear switches nor 60% keyboards for typing so I keep another keyboard on my desk when I need to do some work.

As with the normal one 2 mini, the base is a high quality metal and the entire keyboard has a surprising weight. Opening and closing the feet gives the most satisfying sound, like flipping a switch on a piece of heavy machinery.  I’ve been using this keyboard for three months now and I’ve seen no signs of wear, the finish on every part is just as solid as when I bought it.

This is all consistent with the standard Ducky one 2 mini. The things that make this keyboard unique, I’m not impressed by. I dislike the texture of the keycaps. The plastic is semi-rough and it dirties easily.  You can also feel / see bit of plastic where the mold was injected near the top of all the keycaps (I think it’s called a sprue?). That part faces away from you when you’re typing so you’d never feel or look at it with regular use but upon closer inspection it’s easily visible. The custom space bar design is a low resolution. The lines in the design are imperfect and its noticeable even when just looking down at the keyboard. They include the pudding space bar in the box but I’m likely just going to replace this with an artisan. Lastly being a custom collab for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, I feel like it’s missing an essential item we all purchase anyways, a custom cable. I would have loved a custom purple coiled cable even if we had to pay more for it.

So would I recommend the keyboard? For a $20 premium on the regular ducky one 2 mini? Yeah, sure. The keycaps look cool and you get a purple base. For a $100 premium, like you’d get trying to buy one new off ebay right now? Nah.

Teredo is unable to qualify

So you’re trying to play Forza on Windows 10 or whatever and the Xbox Live Networking app is giving you this error:

NAT Type: Teredo is unable to qualify.

Server Connectivity: Blocked

There’s a million fixes online and the error has existed for years. Hope this saves you the hours of troubleshooting I had to do. I fixed the error by forcing the correct settings via group policy.

Run the local group policy editor. (Windows Key + R, type in gpedit.msc)

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > All Settings

Find these settings and double click it to edit. Remember to hit apply.

“Set Teredo Client Port” set: Enabled, port 0

“Set Teredo Default Qualified” set: Enabled, Enabled State

“Set Teredo Refresh State” set: Enabled, 30 second refresh rate

“Set Teredo Server Name” set: Enabled, Server name: “”

“Set Teredo State” set: Enabled, State: Client or Enterprise (try both)

My fix was inspired by OG-Lomeri’s post from two years ago; however, his server name configuration didn’t work for me. I think it’s been updated? The server name I used is from

Hope this works for you all.