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[NS-PCY5BMA] Insignia – Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter Drivers

So you needed a quick Bluetooth adapter, went to BestBuy, and picked up an insignia adapter model NS-PCY5BMA? But now it’s not working despite its advertisement as “plug and play”? And the manual is no help at all? Then you went looking for a driver but the Insignia website has nothing? Then you find out that it uses Broadcom hardware and their website says all their drivers are part of windows updates but obviously it isn’t installed by default? Well you’re lucky you’ve found this obscure blog on the internet. Here’s how you download the driver:

  1. Go to the Microsoft update catalog. Or attempt to use this direct download link and skip to step 4. The direct download link likely won’t work on Chrome, it also may just 404 over time.*
  2. Search “Broadcom Corporation driver update for Micro size USB to Bluetooth Dongle”
  3. Click the download button (I just used the top most recent result) and click on the download link from the pop up. If it’s not downloading it’s probably because Chrome recognizes the file as potentially malicious. If that’s the case then repeat these steps in another browser, I used Edge.
  4. Extract the cabinet file you just downloaded. If you don’t see an extract button just enter the cabinet file with windows explorer by double clicking then drag/drop the files out of the window to a new folder.
  5. Open your device manager, right click on “Bcm20702a0” and select update driver. Select “browse my computer for drivers” and select the folder with the extracted cabinet file.
  6. The driver should download and you should see Bluetooth in your device manager.

* If neither of these options work, you can download it from my GitHub mirror here HOWEVER you really shouldn’t trust mirrors for this kind of thing, always download drivers from trusted websites, not mirror downloads put up by some random guy on the internet like me.

36 thoughts on “[NS-PCY5BMA] Insignia – Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter Drivers”

  1. Never have I ever had a technical issue solved by such reckless precision.

    Thank you, blog author, for providing this.

  2. I MEAN if i was with you i buy you a case of beer some weed and cheetos for the munchies so thanks so much buddy

  3. You just helped me get this to start working and saved me having to run out to buy another bluetooth adapter. Thank you.

  4. Thank you so much! To anyone who thinks this is super sketchy, I promise it works and its the only way to get it to work. Trust me, I tried everything.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to create this guide to help us with the missing driver issue for broadcom usb bluetooth dongles!

  6. Thank you so much. It’s people like you that makes the internet a great place; the original social network.

    Thanks, again!

  7. i love you i was so pissed i wanted to smash my pc and you made it very easy to live stress freeeeeeee

  8. OH MY LORD!!!! Thank you soooo much! You are amazing to find this out and share with others! We had such a hard time finding the drivers and then i found your post and followed your instructions and wala! Thank you again!

  9. I was completely stumped to see the device in the device manager with an error symbol and for Windows to fail to find drivers online or through Windows update. This solution saved my adapter when factory-resetting my 5y.o PC. Thank you so much!

  10. No matter the Browser it never lets me download it. I’ve been literally trying all day to get this to work so I can play with my best friend who is being stationed in Korea. I ordered a cable from Amazon because the rabbit holes have been leading me to all sorts of dead ends. I thought yours was it fam but it alas, modern technology beats my shit in and wastes my time.

  11. How do I give this person a Nobel Prize? You are the Man! If anyone is having issues with this, just make sure you are following the directions carefully because it is a fool proof guide. Thank you for saving me from having to go back to Best Buy especially since I have covid.

  12. excelente informacion, lo habia comprado hace tiempo y tenia windows 8, pero cuando actualice a windows 10 no me quiso funcionar mas, con todos los pasos como dijistes, listo solucionado.

  13. Friend, thank you! My wife and I are cracking up at how absolutely perfectly this solved our issue. You definitely need a “Buy Me Coffee” button somewhere.

  14. I just bought this Bluetooth adapter second-hand from my local electronics store for my new mini-desktop which didn’t support BT. After trying all the built-in Microsoft troubleshooting and visiting the Insignia website to no avail I Googled the model number and “driver” and was directed to your post here. Following your instructions I was able to successfully download and update the driver in less than 2 minutes. As of November 09, 2022 the direct download link still works (but the keyword search you suggested yielded no results). Now (since my mini-PC only had limited ports) I have a spare port since I can now use a Bluetooth mouse. Also able to connect my phone to mirror for calls, and stream audio from this mini-PC to our home theater speakers running throughout our house which will pick up the signal through a GE Bluetooth Receiver I can now pair/connect to on the mini-PC. You are a lifesaver!!! ?

  15. I May be one of the last one’s to need this. I bought in February of 2023 and it sat in a desk drawer until today. It is no longer for sale at BB except as open box. Thank you, this worked for me, same way that it did for Brenan above.

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