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Which Canada Goose Jackets have the Backpack Straps?

One of my favorite features on a Canada Goose Jacket are the internal backpack straps so you can wear your jacket on your back when inside or when it gets too warm. Sadly there’s no filter on the website for this feature and in fact it’s often omitted from the product description. Thankfully a very helpful brand ambassador listed all of the jackets with the straps for me:

  1. Langford Parka HUMANATURE
  2. Wyndham Parka/Black Label
  3. Osborne Parka/Black Label
  4. Macmillan Parka/Black Label

There are probably a few more that are either out of production or something. Here’s a picture of the Crofton Puffer with the straps but it wasn’t included on the list.

2 thoughts on “Which Canada Goose Jackets have the Backpack Straps?”

    1. Same! It’s like an off white and has a stealth disc so it’s probably meant for someone who already has all the iconic jackets. And it doesn’t have the hood trim either. I wish the regular Langford had the straps.

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