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too-big-to-fail v.s. too-small-to-bail


It is interesting to follow the financial crisis in the US, especially the banking bailout. At very beginning, it was too big to fail to rescure Bear Stearns. However, the market adjusted itself to anticipate the Lehman rescue. Oh … wait a minute … it is too small to bail. “What’s a big deal … let it fail…” Poor Lehman had to file bankruptcy protection on September 15th. Well, market continued adjust its position and rationality. Just one week later, AIG started to attract more attention due to its propelling massive bailout. Well, it is too big to fail again. Now the question is why the federal government bails some out, and let some fail. Is it just a big-v.s.-small issue? Is it a rational behavior or irrational behavior? Why only 5 days can turn on and off the US federal government just like snap a finger?

… To be continued …

time is on our side


A sand is small, but no one can across Sahara desert without aid;

A water drop is weak, but the sea is the womb of lives;

An atom is invisible, but the power of nuclear-bomb out of it can be disastrous;

A small second is less, but it might change the course of success and failure.

Time is precious, but at the transitional point of 2008 and 2009, everyone gets one extra second.

Second be second, the chances of being successful will increase.

veritas and virtue=道德经


“道德经” the oldest philosophical book in China.

老子的”道” = Roman’s Veritas

老子的”德” = 孔子的”礼” = virtue

All old-version, translated into “the way”, only covered partial meaning. It is sad to know it, but not knowing well.

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