Hafez in qawwal

This ghazal, attributed to Hafez, is probably not by him, but is still beautiful nonetheless.




I saw Beloved in the Stranger
I saw a Flower in the Ash

The one the Preacher so tried to hide
I saw that Beloved in the square.

In every direction, the splendor of Beloved, I see
In every thing, the beauty of my Love, I see

I don’t see anything without It
But in every corner and bazaar, Love I see

My selfhood does not belong to me
My own beauty as Beloved’s beauty, I see

The prayer of the ascetic is on mihrab and minbar
The prayer of the Lovers on the gallows, I see

So suddenly your righteousness is gone Hāfez
Now reason and intellect as useless, I see.




بہ هر سو جلوہ دلدار دیدم
بہ هر چیز جمال یار دیدم
نديدم هيچ شي را خالي از او
پر از او كوچه و بازار ديدم
    چو خود را بنگرم دیدم همون است
  جمالی خود جمالی یار دیدم
نماز زاهدان محراب و منبر
نماز عاشقان بر دار دیدمم
جو يك رسيد از غيب حافظ
همه عقل و خرد بكار ديدم