I stole a glance from Niẓam





Let the housewife say what she will,
I stole a glance from the eyes of Nizam.

His darling face and his charming form I have hidden in the depths of my heart.
Let Khusrao perish at the feet of Nizam, I have just sold him a priceless maid [Khusrau himself]

Khusrau! It is the blissful wedding night; I awake with my love.
The body mine, the heart my lover’s— both coloured in the same hue.


Ghar nari gawari chaahe jo kahe
Main Nijam se naina laga aaii re

Aisa sundar, aisa chhabeela, duja koi nahin
Jaisa Baba Farid ka pyara Khwaja Nijamuddin

Sohani soorat, mohani moorat,
mein to hirday beech samaa, aaii re
Khusrao Nijam ke bal bal jaaie,
mein to anmol cheri bita, aaii re

Khusrau rain suhag ki, so jagi pii ke sang
Tan mora, man piihuu kaa, so dono aik hi rang

10 thoughts on “I stole a glance from Niẓam

  1. Extreme love of Amir Khousro for his beloved Nizam ud din Awaliya. A most rare and sacred feeling any literature can ever produce

  2. No doubt he was a super-genius. I cry everytime I hear this music. It captures the beautiful exotic innocence of the east. Emotional extreme at its finest indeed.

  3. Extreme love by Hzrt Amir Khusro for his Peer Hzrth Khwaja Nizamuddin. One of the many Kalame Khusro that takes the listener into a journey of love

  4. It’s the beauty of falling in love with God. It’s extreme. You just merge into and immersed in Him. You’re gone , finished. No identity. Total surrender.Just His name and Love for Him. No words to explain how much you Love Him and is grateful to Him.

  5. I am hearing this for multiple times since I find this video a month ago and now I am scaring that i am becoming insane day by day by this toxic effect of this wonderful qawwali

  6. These versions are great but my most favourite version is ghar nari in ho mann jahaan movie. It’s so calm. I just love it! Btw thank you for the lyrics ❤️

  7. My favourite rendition is undoubtedly the grand patriarch Munshi Raziuddin with his sons Fareed Ayaz accompanying.

  8. If somebody can compile the English translation of all of his poems (including other classics like “Sakhi Piya ko jo me an dekhoon….”, that will be a great service to posterity and South Asian legacy.

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