It is love, so surrender

Ibn al-Fāriḍ



It is love, so surrender your body—passion is not easy
One stricken by it would not choose it, had he reason
So live without it, for love’s ease is hard
it’s beginning is sickness, and its end is death
But for me, dying in love longingly
for the one I love, is life revived abundantly
I have warned you, knowing love and my transgressions
so choose for yourself what is sweet
But if you want to live happily,
then die in love a martyr—if not, then Love has its people
For whoever does not die in love has not lived it
without facing the bees, you can never gather honey
Say unto the love-slain: “you have fulfilled its right”
and to the pretender: “how different are the black-eyed beauties and those who use eyeliner!”


هو الحُبّ فاسلم بالحشا ما الهَوى سهلَ
فـما اخـتارَهُ مُـضْنى بـه وله عقْلُ

وعِـشْ خـالياً فـالحُبّ راحتُهُ عَناً
وأَوّلُــهُ سُـقْـمٌ وآخـرُهُ قَـتْلُ

ولـكنْ لـديّ الـموتُ فـيه صَبابةً
حـياةٌ لـمَن أهـوى عليّ بها الفضل

نـصحْتُك عِـلماً بالهَوَى والذي أرى
مـخالَفَتي فـاختر لـنفسكَ مـا يحلو

فـإن شـئتَ أن تحيا سعيداً فمُتْ بِهِ
شـهـيداً وإلاّ فـالغرامُ لـهُ أهْـل

فـمن لـم يـمُتْ فـي حُبّه لم يَعِشْ به
ودون اجـتناءِ النّحل ما جنتِ النّحل

وقُـلْ لـقتيلِ الـحبّ وَفّـيتَ حقّه
ولـلمدعي هيهاتِ ما الكَحَلُ الكَحْل

Amīr Khusro




You took my heart from my body, but you’ve stayed in my soul
You given me so much pain, and yet you remain the cure
You split my chest wide open, but in it, you’ve stayed hidden
With flirtation’s sword, you laid waste the kingdom of the heart
And yet, there you remain, a sultan amidst the ruins
The two worlds is what you’ve set as your price
Raise the price, for this is still too cheap
Like salt, I dissolved from shedding many tears
While, from your smile, you remain so sugar-sweet
My soul was freed from its body’s bonds
While my heart remains a prisoner in your curling locks
Old age and beauties’ worship seem to go along so well
Khusro, how long will you remain troubled by this turmoil?




دل ز تن بردی و در جانی هنوز
دردها دادی و درمانی هنوز
           آشکارا سینه‌ام بشکافتی
همچنان در سینه پنهانی هنوز
          ملک دل کردی خراب از تیغ ناز
واندرین ویرانه سلطانی هنوز
           هر دو عالم، قیمت خود گفته‌ای
نرخ بالا کن که ارزانی هنوز
            ما ز گریه چون نمک بگداختیم
تو ز خنده شکرستانی هنوز
             جان ز بند کالبد آزاد گشت
دل به گیسوی تو زندانی هنوز
               پیری و شاهدپرستی هم خوشست
خسروا تا کی پریشانی هنوز؟