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Friday, May 20th, 2016...3:09 pm

Stalin Digital Archive

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Stalin Digital Archive: front page
СТАЛИН И.В. Перечень (на грузинском языке) статей для № 12 газеты «Пролетариатис Брдзола» («Борьба Пролетариата»).(1905 г., ранее 15 октября). F.558, op.1, d.10
Шифротелеграмма Сталина И.В. из Сочи Кагановичу Л.М. _Page_1. F.558, op.11, d.78, doc.24

Stalin Digital Archive

[New Haven] Yale University Press, 2011-

HOLLIS # 13752638

Harvard ID-holders now have access to Stalin Digital Archive, a web-based archive of primary and secondary research documents that have previously only been available at the RGASPI archive in Russia. Specifically, The Stalin Digital Archive contains a selection of documents from Fond 558, which covers Stalin’s personal biography, his work in government, and his conduct of foreign affairs:

  • Opis 1: documents written by Stalin from 1889-1952.
  • Opis 2: documents written by Stalin from 1911-1944.
  • Opis 3: over 300 books from Stalin’s personal library with his marginal notes.
  • Opis 4: Stalin’s biographical materials.
  • Opis 11: Stalin’s correspondence and documents. This Opis covers a period from 1917 to 1952.

The Stalin Digital Archive is a result of collaboration between the Russian State Archive of Social and Political History (RGASPI) and Yale University Press (YUP) to create an electronic database of finding aids, to digitize documents and images, and to publish in different forms and media materials from the recently declassified Stalin archive in the holdings of RGASPI. Digital versions of Yale’s Annals of Communism series supplement the RGASPI collection with additional scholarly commentary on selected documents concerning the history of Soviet and international communism from Russian state archives spanning the 75-year history of the USSR.

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