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Monday, April 18th, 2016...12:01 pm

Slavic poor paper digitization project

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 Memoar ot basarabskiti͡e bŭlgari, grazhdani na bŭlgarskoto t͡sarstvo : mart 1918. godina. Sofii͡a : Dŭrzhavna pechatnit͡sa, 1918. HOLLIS # 002056888  Tėffi, N. A. Kobieta demoniczna. Warszawa : Książki Ciekawe, [ca 1922]. HOLLIS # 002193683  Legkov, K. I. Chuma : lekt͡sii͡a, prochitannai͡a meditsinskomu personalu Berezovskogo voennogo gospitali͡a, 5 fevralia 1921 goda. [Verkhne-Udinsk?] : Izd. V.-Udinskogo raĭonnogo Evakuat͡sionnogo upravlenii͡a, [1921?]. HOLLIS # 002169264
 000468812  Ocherednoe nizhegorodskoe gubernskoe zemskoe sobranīe. XV ocherednoe nizhegorodskoe zemskoe sobranīe10-18 dekabri͡a 1879 goda. Nizhnīi Novgorod : Tip. N. Roĭskago i D. Dushina, 1880. HOLLIS # 002381867 Vpori͡ad. New York : Nakladom Sïchovoï organizat͡syï ukraïnt͡sïv v Zluchenykh Derz͡havakh, 1917. HOLLIS # 002136982

As part of the project to preserve old and fragile books through digitization, 432 such titles published before 1922 have recently been digitized and are accessible directly from HOLLIS. The titles were published in various Slavic countries, and most of them are in various Slavic languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Church Slavic, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian), but there are also a few titles with some content in Chinese, German, French, Korean, English, etc.)

In addition to the images, the library digitization services also provided OCR (optical character recognition), i. e. machine-readable rendition of the text.

In order to see this collection in its entirety in HOLLIS, please enter the search string: Slavic poor paper digitization project and refine your search results by resource type (“Book”) and by format (“show only online”) – you will see the list of all titles in the project. Alternatively, you can follow this link.

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