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Thanks, David!


I thank David for his tremendous commitment and hard work in dreaming up shlep and providing such great content and commentary!

And I echo David in his plea for someone to pick up the torch. I hope there’s an organization or group that would like to carry this on.

It takes a lot of commitment to keep a blog active, watching for relevant news and posting regularly. My own relationship to shlep illustrates that. Early on, I said I could post about once a week, and I was good at my word for a while, writing when I came across something on the topic. But in recent weeks, I’ve been snowed under at my regular job (and, I’ll confess I left town for five days during spring break). When I did have time, I wrote for my own blog. Truth be told, I hadn’t even looked at shlep for a few weeks.

The successor editor should be aware of the commitment needed to keep a blog fresh. An organization or group of people might be able to share the work so that no one person would be swamped (as David was, when he made sure there were daily posts by writing them himself).

I also want to say that being part of an enterprise like this can be fun and rewarding. I enjoy the medium — it’s great to be able to gather some information, write a comment, and then instantly have it available to readers. If you occasionally have someone comment that what you’ve done is useful, all the better! (I thank David again — this time for giving me the opportunity to be part of the shlep team.)

So if you’re interested in providing a service and enjoy writing and sharing information, do write to David about this opportunity.

In the meantime, I came across something applicable to self-help law, so you’ll see another post from me soon.

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  1. david giacalone

    April 7, 2007 @ 5:17 pm


    You are very welcome, Mary. Many thanks to you for your consistent and informative contributions. And, yes, we’re still hoping to find a good home for SHLEP.

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