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passing the shlep torch: good hands sought


dagIcon  We’ve shlepped a long way, since I started building content last August, assembled a Team, and officially launched the SHLEP weblog on October 1, 2006.   We’ve reported news, stated views, and assembled information in more than 230 postings.  Our efforts have already brought us well over 300 visitors a day, hundreds of website and weblog links, and recognition from Blawg Review as “Best Law Blog In the Public Interest.”    In fact, even if no new content were posted here, the resources already assembled will continue to attract scores (perhaps hundreds) of search-engine visits every day, with useful information and direction for consumers wishing or needing to solve their legal problems on their own.

  • We’ve made our point: There is more than enough content and interest to warrant a frequently updated (hopefully daily) self-help-law and pro se litigant weblog. 

As satisfying as shlep‘s accomplishments have been, I’m sorry to say that this is going to be my last posting here — except (I hope), for one final announcement that the weblog is being handed over to a new editor, group or organization ready and willing to continue its mission.  

thankYou!  Thanks to everyone who has given us encouragement and shown such appreciation for shlep during our first stage (with special thanks to Mary Whisner and the rest of Team SHLEP).  My gratitude and admiration will remain for all those making the self-help-law revolution a growing reality. 

My urgent request is that readers who have valued this weblog, as well as other members of the self-help-litigant community, consider adopting SHLEP — either as a group of individuals coming together to manage and produce the weblog, or as an organization or joint venture committing the resources of its members to make the Self-Help Law ExPress a continuing enterprise.  My hope is that groups of pro se practicitioners (like the Self Represented Litigant Network), law librarian or court staff associations, and bar or law school access to justice programs, will consider taking on this job.  The weblog could stay here at the Harvard webserver at no cost, or be migrated to a new website or domain, and the new proprietors would, naturally, be able to fine-tune the content and mission (and perhaps the name) to their own specifications.

  • If you would like to discuss taking over responsibility for SHLEP, please send an email to: shlep AT localnet DOT com. [no spaces in the actual email address]  I will do all I can to make the transition as smooth as possible.

p.s. After far too many months of neglect, I plan to make f/k/a (the home of legal punditry and genuine haiku poetry) a daily weblog again.  Visits from my many shlep friends would be much appreciated.   


  1. Joseph Delgado

    March 26, 2007 @ 9:44 am


    Dear Mr. Giacalone –

    I just read your message regarding the need to transfer control of SHLEP and I just wanted to say that I am very sorry to see you go. You have done a fantastic job with the site on behalf of the Pro Se Litigant and I, for one, offer you my standing ovation!!!

    Thanks to your compassion and commitment to the cause, I have had the strength to push forward with my long-time dream; the launching of a grassroots advocacy organization on behalf of the Pro Se Litigant that I am calling P.U.L.S.E. (People United for Legal System Equality).

    I have prepared and am distributing a PLEDGE OF SOLIDARITY that I would like for you and your readers to review and consider signing. This instrument will, it is my hope, connect me with those in need of advocacy. I also hope that I can network with those who understand that good old fashioned PEOPLE POWER can still make a difference in this world.

    Please let me know how I can distribute this Pledge to your readers. My email is: .

    Thank you so very much and again, THANK YOU and BLESS YOU for all of your hard work with this blog.

  2. shlep: the Self-Help Law ExPress » Blog Archive » adopt this weblog . . .

    April 22, 2007 @ 4:52 pm


    […]      It’s been four weeks since I announced my retiring as Editor of this weblog and my hope to pass the SHLEP torch to a group of committed persons willing and able to continue its important role in the pro-se/self-help community and movement.  To date, I am sorry to say that no candidates have stepped forward to adopt shlep.  Despite the posting hiatus, we’re still getting about 250 visits a day, most from search engine queries, taking advantage of our deep content.  Please browse the site, and see our prior post and About page, describing why shlep deserves to be an ongoing, frequently-updated weblog, Our high search engine profile also suggests that it would make a great resource as part of a website with complementary goals.  […]

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