A VR Tour of One of Detroit’s Most Astonishing Buildings

In downtown Detroit, the magisterial Detroit Masonic Temple stands as an elegant meeting place for special occasions and concerts. The complex includes a 16-story, 210-foot tower which features beautiful historic interiors that are used for many purposes. Additionally, the structure contains an immense, 4,000-seat auditorium that provides a fantastic concert venue. This building is only open for tours twice a month… but with XR technology that is about to change.

Recently, we had a terrific opportunity to visit this neo-gothic masterpiece and take extensive photogrammetric scans of many of its ornate interiors. The result is that much of this important historic edifice is now available to all the world in 3D/VR form. Each of the rooms is linked separately below:

 1. The Greek Ionic Lodge Room
3D LINK: https://mpembed.com/show/?m=5JsGogKhqH1&mpu=584


2. The Doric Lodge Room
3D LINK: https://mpembed.com/show/?m=rkwT5WV3uQy&mpu=584


3. Ionic Lodge Room


4. The Chapel


5. Romanesque Lodge Room
3D LINK: https://mpembed.com/show/?m=9ZaetH3pCMm&mpu=584


6. The Corinthian Lodge Room


7. The Tudor Lodge Room
3D LINK: https://mpembed.com/show/?m=1H4ugKxvu8j&mpu=584


8. The Royal Arch Chapter Room
3D LINK: https://mpembed.com/show/?m=TwvGhHJbwmU&mpu=584


There’s a lot more to explore in this building and we’re hoping that we can revisit it soon!