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What does Ubuntu have to do with the Future of Computing [PopSci]


Excessive computer setup

What does my Ubuntu rig have to do with the future of elections? I’m not sure, but Popular Science feels that the picture I took of my desk (above) was good enough to illustrate their article: The Future of Elections: Startup “Americans Elect” Plans an Internet-Based Third-Party Convention in 2012.

American politicians have been promising to return power to the people for as long as Americans have been voting. But anyone who pays attention knows that the average citizen has very little voice in Washington. Now a new startup that uses an Internet-sourced, social-media-inspired, American Idol-esque approach could be the change we can really believe in.
The new company, Americans Elect, is about to submit 1.6 million signatures required to get on the 2012 California presidential ballot, the beginning salvo of a 50-state effort. The company plans to host an open nominating process to build a viable third party ticket in every state. Thomas Friedman at the New York Times explains their strategy, and how they could remake the future of voting.

Picture licensed Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

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