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An overview of the Aaron Swartz case


SJ Klein of One Laptop per Child and the WikiMedia Foundation has produced a review of the legal actions being taken against Aaron Swartz.  Aaron is someone that I greatly admire, and I am very concerned with the direction of his court case.  I wish him the best of luck.  Here is the opening of SJ’s post:

Aaron Swartz is a friend and Cambridge-area polymath whose projects focus on access to knowledge, open government, and an informed civil society.  He has worked as a software architect, digital archivist, social analyst, Wikipedia analyst, and political organizer.  Last year he co-founded the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and the non-profit political advocacy group Demand Progress.

He is also currently charged with computer fraud by the US Attorney’s office, in what appears to be the latest example of “a sweeping expansion of federal criminal jurisdiction” based on the broad applicability of wire fraud and computer fraud statutes.  An overview: …

The rest of his post is at his blog and you can sign a petition for Aaron over at Demand Progress.

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