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a shiningly bright idea to teach digital natives their legal creative rights and communal responsibilities in a mode that exemplifies that teaching


. . . And they’ve never known any other way of life.”

OK it’s actually a bit of a stretch to say that Palfrey and Gasser “debunked” myths, but they did try to reframe traditional thinking about some online issues. The three main issues they addressed were privacy, intellectual property, and credibility. Rather than “debunking” any of these per se, or even actually defining them as myths, the duo recast them in a more “digital” light. Instead of privacy issues, we have networking and collaborative opportunities. Instead of copyright problems, we have a chance to teach young people what can and can’t be used under a Creative Commons license or by fair use. Instead of a credibility problem, we have information sharing and improved access to knowledge. It’s an idealistic perspective, but an appealing one

thanks to bostonist