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Daily Archive for Thursday, November 11th, 2010

facing cary

nice comment
led me to look back the poem
only to find it
still apt to the present moment

i must turn to you and write
not enough to speak to myself and feel i’m done
i must speak to you

who am i talking to?
to whom am i speaking?
i&i speak to u&u

i speak to riaa

to u

you make the best argument you can for your client
i speak down to you
that will never do
i am u

i am your sons and daughters
who have grown up on the wealth you have provided
fancy cars and ear phones all the way
i am u

make connection
stop recording
hold sammy in your arms
give sammy to fern to whom he wants to go
two points together with love between
start listening
turn up volume
let flow

dear cary
come sit down in virtual space as avatar for riaa
speak with university

let’s play virtual let’s play real
let’s make a party
let’s make a deal

we consider anything reasonable which does not impede the accomplishment of our mission

we play an interactive video game in which your avatar is controlled from your side and mine controlled from mine
engaging in a structured negotiation
scared professoriat at one side all wired in against whatever hollywood has to offer