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Daily Archive for Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

who is the proper decisionmaker on questions of fair use — the judge or a jury

judge gertner has posed a question that cuts deep to the foundations of law and copyright. she is asking for help on it, to be argued before her this coming monday. i am posting her order here to my blog to invite your analysis and comment


morning mail from my kids

from becca

i heard on npr news this morning a little piece of info about naacp launching a program in new york that allows people to report police misconduct by uploading photos or video taken on their cell phones of their
interaction with the cops. thought you might be interested…

from wayne

some interesting evidence re: the idea that if joel wanted to listen to those songs today, he’d use something like youtube rather than kazaa

also, btw, since we were talking about it, here’s my favorite eulogy for oink