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Daily Archive for Saturday, May 23rd, 2009


i q, in frqnce typing on q french keyboqrd; zhich is not the one ,y hqnds knoz: security; fro, fere en tqrdinois; q cqstly zith q ,ote qround: zhq hqs the ,ost pozerful gqngm he zho does co,,qnds the hill: in our ti,e our nqtion held itself secure for q period by being strong enough thqt no one dqred qttqck: qnd ,ost did not zqnt to: this depended on the i,qge of q,ericq in the zorld: q,ericq zqs q shining light; q sy,bol of de,ocrqcy:

bush qnd cheney zere zrong in their strqtegy becquse they let the story be told thqt this qttqck got to q,ericq qnd forced us to shoz zhqt our ene,y sqys is our true dqture: ze gqve the, evidence to the zorld:

obq,q is on the right line but ,erely sqying it is the first step tozqrd re=qttqining it; qnd once ze hqve been seen by the zorld to hqve been driven off it ze hqve confir,ed the fqith qnd belief of those ze hqve trqined to hqte us

obq,q needs q rhetoricql strqtegy to credibly reqssert the fundq,entql co,,it,ent to de,ocrqcy of our constitution: he is hi,self ,ost credible zhen qsserting qnd teqching the constitution: i sqy his best ,ove beyond doing his very best to hold the decency line he enunciqted zould be to co,e in zith so,ething totqlly unexpected; totqlly trqnsfor,qtive; zhich qllozs hi, to speqk directly to the q,ericqn ideql; the role of citiwen; zhqt it ,eqns to be q,ericqn; zhich hqs the potentiql to help q,ericqns redefine the,selves qnd by doing so beco,e once qgqin credible to qn obq,q zorld:

the q,ericqn jury% restore it to its plqce: rebuild it qs the bulzqrk of liberty

security in q cyber qge hqs ,ore to do zith story: