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Daily Archive for Friday, April 3rd, 2009

fern :<)

you may be wrong but you are dug in
here’s the audio of fern twittering into my life
[ray is one of my students, not ray beckerman]


the copyleft letter noticed by ben sheffner’s blog looks like a fake to me. i like its actual request and the reason given for it:

We urge you to create offices in relevant agencies … whose dedicated role is to promote innovation and advance the cause of progress in the useful sciences.

But it all looks like sham to cover an apparent concession that the copyright czar whom obama appoints should limit her focus to copyright enforcement instead of creating a balance with the natural public force of the net.

The first occupant of this position would naturally be more focused only upon certain aspects of IP policy — namely, organizing IP law enforcement efforts.

who wrote this? who in each of the listed organizations signed on to this?

who at EFF, Internet Archive, Public Knowledge, WikiMedia Foundation


very bad things happen when you put law enforcement in the copyright giant’s hands


save wayne