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Daily Archive for Monday, November 10th, 2008

learn to ask for help

today i teach my class how to write interrogotories.

here is a strategy suggestion from our expert on peer sharing open networks, johan:

“Slashdot community involvement.
Hopefully we can copy this strategy.”

so i go to slashdot and read ray beckerman’s request for help in drafting interrogatories and see 661 responses

posted by Zonk

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes “The online community now has an opportunity to see the fruits of its labor. Back in December, the Slashdot (‘What Questions Would You Ask an RIAA Expert?’) and Groklaw (‘Another Lawyer Would Like to Pick Your Brain, Please’) communities were asked for their input on possible questions to pose to the RIAA’s ‘expert’. Dr. Doug Jacobson of Iowa State University, was scheduled to be deposed in February in UMG v. Lindor, for the first time in any RIAA case. Ms. Lindor’s lawyers were flooded with about 1400 responses. The deposition of Dr. Jacobson went forward on February 23, 2007, and the transcript is now available online (pdf) (ascii). Ray Beckerman, one of Ms. Lindor’s attorneys, had this comment: ‘We are deeply grateful to the community for reviewing our request, for giving us thoughts and ideas, and for reviewing other readers’ responses. Now I ask the tech community to review this all-important transcript, and bear witness to the shoddy investigation and junk science upon which the RIAA has based its litigation war against the people. The computer scientists among you will be astounded that the RIAA has been permitted to burden our court system with cases based upon such arrant and careless nonsense.'”

its a visionary thing. we can make it work.

hello slashdot. thank you techdirt.

Big Guns Come Out In Effort To Show RIAA’s Lawsuits Are Unconstitutional

our big gun is the open net
we can harness our energy in a net to catch our enemy in his fall
stop RIAA depredation

to get significant press attention and vital community feedback.