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Daily Archive for Thursday, July 26th, 2007

international poker

so exciting for me to read rachel brewster’s paper on reputation. she teaches me evidence of truth at the level of nation states. she speaks of agreements that are “enforced” by mutual benefit, of agreements enforced by fear of sanction, of agreements enforced by fear of loss of reputation for keeping agreements.

so how did it go at cato

meeting itself disappointing but informative of how unrecognized and unrecognizable the antigua story is
set-up by cato not bad
thank you sally james
mendel begged for negotiation and made clear that he’s been wanting negotiation all along
jackson remarkably uninformed and obtuse but clear that the us govt defense will be mistake and then fight on the form and size of the award and bet that when the chips are down the wto won’t want to go there
vision a rhetorical poker table with players sitting round
antigua, us govt, EU, developing nations, WTO
so imagine
wto says antigua can violate us copyright
what happens next