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lederer logic
on the phone last night excited that his thought over the last year has come together on how poker skill dominates chance
what is skill
what is chance
first howard imagines a form of poker with skill stripped out of it
holdem but without bet bluff fold
best poker hand wins

he names the winning hand in this game the luckiest hand
this is a game of pure chance

compare the role of the luckiest hand in no limit hold’em poker

for pots won without a showdown (which howard estimates to be 60-70% of hands – data will peg the percentage more precisely) the luckiest hand is irrelevant. for these hands skill dominates chance.

for pots won by other than luckiest hand (i’ll be interested to see what the percentage of such hands), skill dominates.

for pots won by the luckiest hand the win itself may be attributable in some measure to luck, but how much the player with the luckiest hand wins depends upon the player’s skill in keeping other players in.


amar did i hear you say we have two deans coming
one from divinity one from public health
we want them on the panel

who should have an avatar at the table of university
who should come sit down to talk with us
about the copyright cocoon surrounding us as we burst to create in cyberspace


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