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Fwd: Blogging by email

test test test
zeno it worked
there seems to be some mess on it but yes there it is up on the net!

you are making it up as fast as you can getting it out getting it up there making it art if you can
telling story fast as you can chasing the demon that chasing you here talking to myself

now all i need to do is find again the magic address to which to send
no i do not see it what did i do
found it forwarded it dynomite bad idea
now i get to go and look

maybe i should tell them what i’m up to talking to jeremy going to L A
a new story of american democracy

recognize us we are friendly we take care of you

the genius of the net comes from its design
its principles demand and demonstrate elegance

call your dogs off
trust us we are honest brokers
we have interests on both sides
from where i see this is a downhill battle
come talk with us
stop hurting our children
stop teaching them to hate the law
stop telling them that you know better what it is
stop telling us that we must teach your children that the world they must live in is one cluttered with permissions and transactions for the communication of ideas

stop talking down to them as i am talking down to you
see from the other side of necker cube
rely on the ediface that got you here
keep it going best you can

show them josh wolf’s trial
imagine if you let your artists loose upon the net to make the hottest stuff
call off your dogs
you are great aggregators of content great story tellers

use the vault
use your fault
change paradyme
shift burden of proof on fair use for university
shift default from closed to open
help us tell stories to the children of the net
give us fair use for that purpose

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