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30 April 2005

“Worst Pub Ever”

We went out for dinner last night, to a local pub named Bukowski’s that
I had heard good things about.  It was so dreadful that I posted
this review to several art and entertainment sites.

Miserable, miserable food.  I’ve been to a lot of pubs, and
this one was the worst.  I had the “Buk” sandwich — dry turkey,
inoffensively bland cheese, Wonder-quality bread, and french fries (*in
the sandwich*).  The burger was only average.  And although
the beer selection was good, the price was about a buck higher than
other local places; the beer did have about an inch of head, and in
some countries, that much head is against the law.  Combined with
the noise — music as loud as a rock concert, but I didn’t enjoy
myself–I would have preferred to stay home and have Cheerios for

Service was so-so.  We had three different servers in our
hour there. They weren’t bad, but not exactly attentive, either. 
it took a while to get anything.

You can get much better than this for the same money.

I didn’t mention that there’s a double irony in a generic-upscale,
catering-to-the-wrong-PBR-crowd (sorry, Andrew, but I think you would
have been offended by $4-5 cans and bottles of PBR, Ballantine, and
Lone Star) naming itself after a man who spent his life in dive bars
and loathing the clientele of his namesake pub.

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5 Responses to ““Worst Pub Ever””

  1. Dan Joslyn-Siemiatkoski Says:

    Which Bukowski’s did you go to? The one by the Hynes in Boston is the original. Definitely a place for drinking and hanging with the rock crowd. Would never eat there, except to make a base for more alcohol. Definitely would be a place to find dear old Charles though.

  2. soekarno Says:

    god i hope i wasn’t one of the people who recommended it to you. i’ve been to the one in inman square a few times, but only for lunch, when it is not loud at all. the white trash cheese dip is pretty fun, and recently i had the grilled cheese there which is good. i agree that it is expensive, and i’ve never gotten a beer there, but i’m sorry you had a bad experience. i think i like it more than you do, but only for lunch.

  3. Nate Says:

    I went to the one in Inman Square in Cambridge, ’cause we wanted to try something in Inman Square for once.

    S, I don’t think you were one of the recommenders. Even if you were, I won’t hold it against you. Some people like different things. I’m sure some of my friends find my fondness for Diet Coke kind of gross.

  4. Liz Renner Says:

    and in some countries, that much head is against the law Well, dear, how much head did you ask for? (grins)

  5. Anonymous Says:

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