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2 May 2005


I am in the beginning/middle stages of a paper on Max Weber.  It’s
pretty workmanlike, and I’m not sure it’s really good for much,
frankly, but I need to do this thing to get rid of an incomplete from
last semester in the social theory class I took.

I enjoy thinking about the things that Weber thought, but my heart’s
not in a seminar paper right now.  It’s more toward my own
work.  So I’m trying to decide what tasks Weber was setting for
himself in The Protestant Ethic and how well he did it.  The first question is where I am
now, and I hope this picks up a bit on the second question.

Light blogging (like that *hasn’t* been the trend of late) to ensue.

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One Response to “Sigh.”

  1. Matt Says:

    Workmanlike is where it starts, Strasse. Max began the same way: just read Mills’ intro to From Max Weber. Countless long, slow hours at the writing table. God only knows how much reading. And, you know, he had a long hiatus from writing anything at all. Corragio!