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11 March 2005

My actual work

Sorry there’s been little of late.  It’s been an up-and-down week on the academic front.

It will have to suffice to say that I’ve been getting some encouraging
words on my (very slow) progress, and some less (than) encouraging
words on it.  Some great help, some obscure help, some clear
guidance and suggestions, and some unclear suggestions.

I know they never promised that academic work would be clear, but some
paths are clearer than others.  And no matter what happens, you’re
supposed to get back up, pound your head against the wall until you
black out, and then wait to come to so you can start all over again.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner museum
provided a brief respite.  If you live around here, go see the
collection of the rich, eccentric, very tasteful, Anglo-Catholic fag
hag we know and love as Mrs. Gardner.  And if your
name is Isabella, you can get in for free

UPDATE (13 March): Over the weekend, the Globe ran a special report on the 15th anniversary of the Gardner Museum heist, the largest art theft in American history
Fascinating stuff, made all the more so by having just been there and
seen the empty frames where the stolen pieces used to hang.

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