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14 March 2005

Riding on others’ fame

That is, I am blatantly riding on the fame of people I know….

A colleague from my cohort at Berkeley left our program a couple of
years back, and became a writer at the Paper of Record.  She
co-wrote yesterday’s article about the Bush Administration’s creation
of prepackaged news items that many TV news outlets have wittingly and
unwittingly aired with virtually no changes (raising the question of
whether this is propaganda or not)
.  Check it out — it’s a great article.

And another Berkeley colleague, who also went to my church there, married someone the other day, and the announcement showed up in the Paper of Record.  Fortunately for them, it did not make an appearance at “Veiled Conceit,” the blog that mocks (to put it gently) the Weddings page.

Posted in OnTheWeb on 14 March 2005 at 9:08 am by Nate