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18 February 2005

In need of education

We’ve (BF and I) been interviewing for positions in the undergrad
residences here at Harvard over the last week.  Each interview is
about half an hour, and the questions are generally pretty standard.

But there are a few curveballs here and there:

  • “If you could choose any picture of yourself to display on The Facebook, which would it be and why?”
  • A set of questions in Spanish (because I indicated I had studied for about five years in secondary school and college)
  • BF
    got asked if he spoke any Irish (possibly because his three names are
    all stereotypical Irish ones, e.g., Brendan Sean O’Donovan [which are
    not his names])

And then there was the question, which in essence asked what we
would do if we encountered people in the house who might not like us
because of the fact that we’re gay.  The question concerned me for
two reasons. 

First, it implies/forgets/lacks knowledge of the fact that that’s a
daily part of both of our lives, probably in larger ways that the
questioner imagined.  BF responded essentially by saying that he’s
Roman Catholic, and he runs into it all the time.  I did not
mention the fact that my family and I do not have good relations, due
to the fact that I’m queer.

Second, although I am not trying to equate the queer push for civil
rights with that of various racial and ethnic groups (not because I
think there’s necessarily a difference in magnitude but because I just
am not sure how comparable they are), one wonders whether the
questioner would have asked it if we substituted most other minority
groups in the sentence.  My guess is “No.”

Posted in Day2Day on 18 February 2005 at 5:27 pm by Nate