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4 February 2005


My great-uncle, Noel Kincaid, died in New Mexico recently.  He was 87.

I never got to meet him, but I’ve heard much about him over the
years.  He has always sounded like a man much-loved and respected.

His obituary came out earlier this week, and it seems he was even more respected than I had known.

…He knew the place he called home and raised his three children was soon to become a national park.

Meanwhile, as politicians came to view the Guadalupes, the Kincaid
kitchen table at the small Frijole ranch house was a place where many
notable politicians ate their meals during their visit to the
Guadalupes. One such notable was Chief Justice William O. Douglas who
dedicated a chapter in his book “Farewell to Texas” about his
experience in the back country with Kincaid, his dry sense of humor and
his mule train.

In his book that discusses the proposal of turning the Guadalupe
Mountains Ranch into a national park and the effort it took to get the
designation, Douglas said: “Noel Kincaid, who is not only a good ranch
foreman and justice of the peace, but also the best architect of hot
biscuits I knew, spoke up and to say, ‘No road should ever git beyond
this here Lodge.”

I hope to visit Guadalupe Mountains National Park someday

Posted in Day2Day on 4 February 2005 at 11:48 am by Nate