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23 November 2004

Student excuses

Since I teach undergrads, I get a lot of excuses.  But they’re
usually pretty lame.  On days when papers are due, computers have
serious problems three hours before the deadline, printers go on the
fritz, roommates have emotional crises that must be tended to, and so

They’d be less insulting if there were more believable.  But
they’re usually pretty unoriginal, and the same “problems” come up all
the time, and they also seem much more common than I have ever noticed

I try to tell them that I’m pretty good at sniffing out the relative
veracity of stuff like this — it’s my business after all.  But
that rarely seems to settle into heads, it seems.

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One Response to “Student excuses”

  1. Nassira Says:

    Mmm, don’t forget last-minute food poisoning, pneumonia, and falling down a flight of stairs. (‘Course, every time I’ve used one of those excuses, it’s been true…)

    As far as the roommate-emotional-crises, it’s probable that the roommates in question also have papers due, thus provoking said emotional crisis.

    But hey, we’re not getting graded on our niceness to our roommates, are we? We’re getting graded on our papers… and that having been said, back I go to finish mine. ;c)