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13 November 2004

Free iPod

I have wanted an iPod for some while now.  And this site will help me get one, as well as set you on the way to getting one, too.

This, amazingly, is legit.  The local student paper checked it out, and some of my students have actually gotten their iPods.

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3 Responses to “Free iPod”

  1. soekarno Says:

    Dammit Nathan you suck for suckering me into this pyramid scam!!!!!!!!!!!1 Now I have to whorishly convince five other people to do the same thing…. and I’m subscribed to a DVD club which had an extremely limited introductory selection! I hope that DVD club has much better choices when I have to start buying more of them as a “club member”!!!!

  2. soekarno Says:

    And I don’t even need an ipod that’s the ridiculous part!!!!!!!!! I already have a 40gb iRiver (an iPod knockoff).

  3. soekarno Says:

    is there any way to check up on how many people (out of the required five) have responded to the offer?