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2 November 2004

Go vote

It’s your minimum obligation as a citizen.  Write and think and talk about it too.

And from The Revealer:

If you haven’t watched Eminem’s new video, watch it here. If you’re a
Kerry voter and think you already know all about it, ditch your party
colors and play it again. If you’re a Bush voter and think you can’t
take it, stick your politics in your hat and study it. Sure, it’s
partisan. More interestingly, it’s religion, that of sword-tongued
street preachers, liberation theologians, exorcists, apocalypse
ranchers, weather watchers, and all true snake handlers. John of Patmos
and Ezekiel and Jeremiah. Paranoid; terrifying; brilliant. Right or
wrong, Eminem has grabbed the prophetic mantle like no other musician
or writer in America right now (no living journalist need apply). But
he’s no messiah — he’s grabbed the mantle and turned it into black
hoodies for everyone.


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One Response to “Go vote”

  1. Nate Says:

    And if you’re interested in a principled argument (perhaps flawed, but no more so than some arguments as to why you *should* vote, check out Alasdair MacIntyre at