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31 October 2004

Gross Burberry

{pictureRef (, align:”left”)}I often peruse the couple
announcements in the Times, just to see what’s going on among the
Northeastern elite class.  Usually, they are pretty
standard.  At least one person has a parent in the
Boston-Washington corridor, or the couple are from New York. 
Someone has an Ivy League or Ivy-equivalent degree or two.  And
occasionally there’s a photo.

But this one made me retch.  Same for BF.  It’s not the text so much as the photo.  The obvious shmoopiness combined with the Burberry scarf wrapped around both of them
Power elite, party of two.  It’s all too reminiscent of the “Sex
in the City” episode where Charlotte spends a maddening amount of time
and effort to compose a picture of her fiance and her; she has studied
the wedding page in great detail to find out what the NYT is looking
for so she can guarantee that her picture goes in.  This one is so
obviously such an attempt, it’s hard to take it seriously.

Sends shivers up and down my spine.

Let it never be said that recent gay weddings have exhibited the height of bad taste.

Posted in OnTheWeb on 31 October 2004 at 1:53 pm by Nate

Give thanks to the Sox, for they are great…

In the Fourth

Antiphon:  Give thanks unto
the Sox, for they are great*
their right hands and mighty arms have given us the victory.

Sorely have they afflicted me from my youth, let Boston now
sorely have they afflicted me from my

Too long have we borne the jeers
of Gotham*
too long the Yankees have humbled us to the dust.


And when I looked toSt. Louis, my heart cleaved to my
but in the morning, they were not to be
by midnight the Cardinals had been clean swept away.

Form a procession from the gates of Fenway into the midst
of the city*
let all the faithful of Beantown clap their
hands in joy


How beautiful are the feet of them*
that hit homers with players on
There goes David mighty batter before the crowd*
there go Johnny and Trent in the midst of


The right hand of Curt has triumphed! *

The right hand
of Pedro has been victorious!

As for me and my house, we shall sleep in
rest and quietness*
for the Pennant Race and World Series are over
at last.

Antiphon: Give thanks unto
the Sox, for they are great *
Their right hands and mighty arms have given us the victory.

Posted in RmAuNsDiOnMg on 31 October 2004 at 10:51 am by Nate