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3 October 2004

Evangelical vote, v. very high number

The Boston Globe ran a good piece this morning,
helping to flesh out the idea that the evangelical vote is not a
monolith that’s going to immediately and automatically go to GWB. 
It’s to be commended for this insight, all too lacking from most press
stories about evangelical Christian voters, who are often treated as if
they were the only Americans who suffer from a herd mentality, or at
least suffer from it more than anyone else.

“We’ve been misled by our president,” said Pastor David Allen of the
Welcome Baptist Church in Beckley, who is urging parishioners to
support Kerry. “We have become the aggressor instead of the peacemaker
in Iraq. God is not Republican or Democratic — he’s for what’s right.”

Posted in Politicks on 3 October 2004 at 12:04 pm by Nate