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23 August 2004


I tend to use green.

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One Response to “Correcting”

  1. Becky Says:


    my AP english teacher always used green too..

    when I taught High School I avoided red like the plague… I tended to buy bright multi-color gel pens and used every color imaginable… it made me happy correcting with fun colors and I like to think it made the kids deal with the corrections better… I also put stickers on anything that was a 90% or better or if a student showed amazing improvement over a previous quiz (so yes I put stickers on a 60% once I think… it was the first thing he had passed) anything to make getting a test back a bit less scary

    I think its hilarious though that this was a news article 🙂

    oh yeah – not sure you remember me… I am friends with Suzanne – we met last year at her party