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25 August 2004

How liberal/conservative are you?

Take a quiz and “find out.”

Problems with this quiz:

  1. Almost all  the choices are dichotomous (agree/disagree),
    except that it’s not agree or disagree, it’s more like stating a
    problem and then offering two solutions to it.  If you wouldn’t
    choose either of the solutions, you’re still stuck choosing one.
  2. Sometimes the reason you disagree with an answer is because of the
    “because.”  For example, “As a society, we should spend more money
    to find a cure for AIDS than for cancer and heart disease because AIDS
    threatens younger people.”  Well, I disagree with the reasoning,
    but I don’t necessarily disagree with the premise.  But I choose
    disagree anyway, because I don’t think we should give HIV research
    higher funding because it more greatly affects younger people but because there are other reasons.
Posted in Politicks on 25 August 2004 at 2:15 pm by Nate