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Category Archives: Education

Cantonese in Hong Kong: Not the official language?

Hong Kong’s Education Bureau has caused a furore last month by claiming on their website that Cantonese is just a “Chinese dialect” and “not an official language” of Hong Kong. According to them: Although the Basic Law stipulates that Chinese and English are the two official languages in Hong Kong, nearly 97 per cent of the local […]

Chinese students abroad: No longer sought after?

The FT has an article featuring overseas Chinese students. According to the article, The number of Chinese studying overseas has more than tripled in the past decade and continues to shoot up. The rise has been particularly dramatic among lower-middle-class families: according to a report from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, up to the end […]

Course bidding: Is auction always the best?

I’m back to Harvard where I have to decide on which classes to take in the new semester. Naturally, some classes (or professors) are more popular – much more popular – than others. So there exists a natural economic question: how should we allocate the scarce resources (seats) to all the students? The Harvard Kennedy […]

The “busy trap”: How we get into it?

I can’t agree more on how a recent New York Times article describes my life: If you live in America in the 21st century you’ve probably had to listen to a lot of people tell you how busy they are. It’s become the default response when you ask anyone how they’re doing: “Busy!” “So busy.” “Crazy busy.” […]

Chicago Booth: Hi Hong Kong!

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business has announced its decision to move its Asia campus from Singapore to Hong Kong, putting a half-year rumor to rest. Starting from 2014, students enrolled in the Chicago Booth’s EMBA program take classes in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong. This is certainly something to applaud for Hong Kong. It […]