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Monthly Archives July 2013

Chicago Booth: Hi Hong Kong!

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business has announced its decision to move its Asia campus from Singapore to Hong Kong, putting a half-year rumor to rest. Starting from 2014, students enrolled in the Chicago Booth’s EMBA program take classes in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong. This is certainly something to applaud for Hong Kong. It […]

Bitcoin: Virtual money drives out real?

Bad money drives out good. But does virtual money drives out real? That sounds a laughable idea at first: why would people want to pay real dollars for virtual currencies at all? And albeit Bitcoin’s “monetary supply” is determined by strict rules, which require super-computer to solve processor-intensive equations so that the supply of Bitcoin would […]

Back to the blogosphere

I used to maintain a blog at Xanga a few years back. Spending an hour to sit down and write a (long) blogpost had been a norm rather than the exception – not just for me, but for many in my generation. We didn’t mind sharing our philosophical, emotional, if not sometimes naive, young thoughts […]