A CV is the easiest way to make an application. It conveys your personal details and other curriculum activities. CV should be impressive and flexible enough because it markets you the one who’s CV it is. To get a good job in a company it is essential to make a CV which is also known as Resume. A CV should carry all the information about education and experience.

How should a CV look like?

  • Always make your CV on Microsoft word document and keep the same font for all the words. Don’t keep the font large, always keep it around 10.
  • It is very much important to have a layout where you can put up your information. Nowadays on the internet, they provide layout and design of CV online. You just need to fill up the information.
  • The design can’t be too much as it might look unprofessional. It should look decent and proficient so that it will be easier for the person who is planning to hire you shall not have any confusion regarding you.
  • Use tables to put all the educational details from School to Masters so that it looks precise and always put a table in the middle page because that is the highlight.
  • Use bullet instead of long paragraphs because it won’t be readable enough and may not look like a CV.


What information a CV must carry?

  • All the personal data such as full name, date of birth, email address, the location of current residence, experiences, education details, achievements, Hobbies etc.
  • Nowadays they also need passport size photos of yours. It depends on the organization. Usually, if they need they will inform you prior.


How long the CV should have?

  • There is no absolute rule for the length of the CV as it depends on the data. It can be one page or two page CV as per your data. It would be good if the CV is in A4 size page both the sided.
  • If the CV is too long the recruiter may lose interest in reading all that. Making it precise because a single page it can be an advantage as the organization can easily take out the necessary information. Make sure all the important things are mentioned first.


Tips for presentation

  • Never make a CV get into both the sides of the page make sure to put all your information on one page.
  • Be positive – Highlight all your strength and make sure your CV is presented in a confident manner.
  • Be honest – The most important thing is always to be honest with all the information. Don’t put up anything which is not true or which you’re not sure.
  • Be concise – Only put relevant information and data which is necessary for the reader. Don’t put up too much information and irrelevant information. Use words which add value to your cv.
  • Make sure your paper is not crumbled and to be on the safer side use a file to keep the CV.